Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Are we sure of the tomorrow's people??

Everyone is getting along with the new trend. And I totally don't dig the idea, whatever happened to the proper and old fashion way of getting married? I used to think marriage involved going to the altar and standing before the priest to say vows that stands as a hold between the couple or better still going straight to sign the compulsory marriage certificates in court. Our forefathers left their tracks and we seem to be forgetting our traditions, culture and Christian ethics. Do we even know what bride price means anymore?
The newest scenerio goes as thus, Boy meets girl, along the way boy and girl fall in love with each other and have 2 or more kids before even thinking about marriage. This new trend is totally way out of line, people ask what's the big deal he proposed already and they are still going to get married? And my response has always been the same It Is Not The Right Thing To Do. Why on earth do I have to be pregnant with his child before we get married? There's no sense in that, nothing is stopping us from having our kids afterwards so what's the rush? From my observations celebrities started this trend, they go round sleeping around and just one silly mistake they get the girls pregnant, you hardly see celebrities without kids these days. Most of them have one or two baby mamas. Asides from the mistakes some of them actually plan to have kids with their girlfriends without even putting a ring on it.
  Truth is ring or no ring, following the christian ethics without him taking you to the altar and doing the right thing before God and people you love, having a kid for him is totally improper and unacceptable to me. Let's all get a hold of ourselves and stop this billshit!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Something for Something

Aunty! Aunty! Aunty!' Miranda screamed out in excitement as she saw her aunt approach her with a strange looking boy. Her favorite aunt had just arrived and she was coming to stay for a long period of time. ‘Nne'm oo! My baby!' Aunty Amaka said as she kissed her cheek and brushed a bit of sand that was stuck on one strand of her beaded hair. ‘Where is your mother?' As she asked the question, Miranda's mom met her by the door. ‘Nne e biakwala?' ‘Eh eh aunty.' She turned to Miranda. ‘Take this, show Joseph where to keep our bags.' Miranda did as she was told.
         He tip-toed into her room. There she was lying peacefully, sleeping like an angel. This was exactly why he was so attracted to her, her innocence. She was just 5years old and was this beautiful already. He could just imagine how breathtaking she would look in ten years. ‘Abeg make man chop e own now before she old and other men go start to dey enjoy am.' He thought to himself, almost audible enough to be heard.   Just as he was about to touch her he heard a door open and close and he hurried out of the room to avoid being caught.

          ‘Joseph! Joseph!' Little Miranda called him, ‘Please can you gimme one rubber band? They taught us how to make bracelets in school yesterday with straws and I want to make one for mummy and daddy.' She stared hard at him with her face looking sad enough to bend his will. How could he say no to these beautiful brown eyes looking right into his soul? 'I will give you on one condition,'  he said. Seeing as the poor little child was desperate and eager to hear the ‘condition' he was encouraged.  ‘Will you do it for me?' She nodded still not aware of the price she had to pay. ‘Oya come.' He said, dragging her little hand towards the room. As soon as they got into the room, he locked the door and told her to pull down her pants. She looked at him with a confused expression on her face but obeyed as she was very eager to get the rubber band she needed. Thirty minutes later, with tears in her eyes she pulled up her pants, and with it what was left of her innocence.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Last Night

      I stayed up rolling from side to side on my bed. The generator had refused to come on today, how i was going to fall asleep Was the only thing I could think of. I flashed the dim light from my black berry phone on my pillow because of the wetness I felt beneath my head and I saw that it was soaked with sweat. I let out a sigh as I got up from my bed and began to pace round the house being the only one awake, I started thinking of ways to put myself to sleep without minding the heat which seemed almost impossible. And these stupid phcn people haven't even let the light blink in days, I thought to myself
          Almost immediately somewhere in my subconscious it dawned on me that some people don't even have where to lay their heads to sleep tonight and here I was complaining about sleeping without the Gen tonight. I realised that, Sometimes we complain about little things when they go wrong forgetting that there are people in worst situations. Being grateful is the least we can be irrespective of any situation we find ourselves. Here I was complaining about the heat when there are hundreds and thousands of homeless people out there. God puts us in situations to make us stronger and better people and that moment we might lack understanding of the situation but later when we think back we'll realise it was all worth it.  
             I felt a slight haze of guilt for being ungrateful as i got up, slapped a mosquito that buzzed near my right ear and made my way to my room to sleep and slept off almost immediately.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

On The Fence

       He just sat there reminiscing over all the events that had taken place in these past few months. He had just entered the club with his manager and the bouncer he had just hired, not that he needed one, but because his manager insisted.
       A lot had changed within the past 7 months and then no-day goes by without him asking himself if things were the way he had pictured them years ago. He had payed his dues to the streets and there was no going back there,but he had never felt so alone. He hardly called his friends, the people really he cared about, not that he didn't want to but because he was too busy hopping on one plane to another. He  liked his new celebrity friends he had just made in the industry,  but he just realised how much he has missed their company he never felt the same whenever he was with his new friends. He had just even arrived from the airport when his manager insisted they stopped by at the club to get some loose girls to keep them company all night, to help them relax after all they had been too busy to do that. But that wasn't what he wanted, all they did all the time was to get babes to spend the night with and at dawn they warned them to make sure they had varnished before they woke up. What he wanted the most was to be right next to her, Gloria  was the only solution to his situation right now.
       Yes he wanted to make money, be famous, rich and be all up on everyone's television set but he never planned to be this lonely and sad. GLORIA wasn't even picking up his calls again, she had warned him about them not spending time together any more and not calling her regularly but that never improved. The truth was quite glaring, she was so DONE!!
       Bayo!! Bayo!! he heard his manager screaming his name, bringing him back to reality.  But it didnt sound like a scream beacuse of the loud music that was being played in the club,"HOW YOU SEE THIS ONE??? He asked, Bayo just nodded his head in approval as he tried to focus on the girl that was giving him a lap dance while sipping from his glass.